Announcement: Shadow Codex 2

I just wanted to announce that I've started work on the sequel to Shadow Codex, tentatively named Shadow Codex 2.  Here is a list of new things coming to the game:

  • User Interface update and improvement - the game is going to portrait mode with the puzzle board in the middle and one opponent on top and one on the bottom.  This gives it a much better experience on the phone and uses the space available in a more phone-centric way.  You will be able to play using only one hand.
  • New characters to fight with more advanced AI.
  • An entirely new adventure, new story, and new quests.
  • About half of the spells will be new offerings (with some updates to existing spells).  Spells have been renamed "skills", btw.
  • New tile power-ups: XP and MP bonuses.
  • Two new mini-games.
  • There will be some sort of crafting (details are still being designed).
  • Generally, faster, sleeker and more polished.


  • Better support for screen sizes for iPhone X (all models) and iPad Pro
  • Possibly Android support

I think the biggest change is going to be the move to portrait mode.  When I originally conceived the game, I had no expectations of releasing on phones.  That's why it has a 16:9 landscape orientation and doesn't fit quite as well with modern phones like the iPhone X.  With Shadow Codex 2, that will no longer be the case and all phone models will be supported so that the screen fills out and uses the most space it can to be universal, even on non-phone devices like iPad.

I'll probably be posting some screenshots soon when I get a bit farther along and do some phone builds of the game.

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