Shadow Codex 2 Now Available For Pre-Order

I'm excited to announce that Shadow Codex 2 is now available for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date of November 21, 2019!

From the App Store Description:

The beloved word/role-playing game mash-up is back! Battle monsters with words to earn experience, collect and craft equipment to increase power, level-up to improve your stats, and learn magic skills to defeat your enemies in battle!


• Over 40 monsters to battle each with unique abilities and personalities.

• Over 60 skills to learn and master. Can be used to manipulate the puzzle board, heal yourself, or attack your opponent. Use skills in combinations to uncover satisfying strategic opportunities.

• New Crafting system! Collect raw ingredients and materials from enemy drops or the new Forage mini-game to make new equipment, potions, and cook food for healing!

• Collect items with the Forage mini-game. Upgrade your storehouse to store all of the goodies you'll find.

• Test your spelling prowess in the timed Endurance Challenge mini-game to earn extra gold and experience.

• Defeat enemies to gain access to loot boxes and keys to open dungeon doors.

• New skills and equipment unlock as you level-up.

• Defeat enemies to uncover keys to open dungeon doors or reveal a gift box with something special in it!


• Fight a monster by spelling words to gain points. Each letter scores a different amount based on its rarity. Spelling is accomplished by selecting letters that are adjacent to each other.

• Score +12 points or more to gain an extra attack! Or find words with a gem on a letter to gain 2x the points!

• Use the points to gain weapon attacks. Each attack can be banked until you want to use it. Strong weapons use more points for an attack. Some weapons can use two attacks at a time.

• Consume mana to use skills and spells to manipulate the puzzle board, or cast an effect on your opponent.

• Use items to heal yourself or increase mana in battle.

• Collect items to craft new weapons and armor or buy items from the in-game shop using in-game currency (also available to buy through in-app purchases).

Forget about those tired match-3 RPGs and try something different - what players are calling a "breath of fresh air."

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