Shadow Codex Available For Pre-Order!

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My latest game project is finally done:  Shadow Codex which is a unique word-game/RPG hybrid.  It is available now for pre-order on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and is also available on the Mac App Store for macOS.

Here is a video showing the first few minutes of gameplay:


From the App Store Description:

Battle for good against an evil force in this unique word/RPG hybrid game!  Face off against countless enemies by mastering words, spells, weapons, and items.  Explore an ever-unfolding map with characters to meet, stories to tell, and quests to embark upon.  Earn gold and visit shops to upgrade your equipment and buy items.  Earn experience to level up and improve your character's fighting stats in combat.


In Shadow Codex, turn-based combat is accomplished by spelling words on a shared game board of letters.   Pick a letter and chain it to an adjacent letter to form a valid word.  Each word you spell will earn a certain score.  This score is added to your "action points".  If you reach a certain amount as defined by your equipped weapon, you will gain a weapon attack to use.  Rare letters and longer words give big scores where you can potentially gain extra turns or numerous attacks!  Gems on letters will double the score!


In addition to word-spelling, you can also cast powerful spells.  These spells can change letters on the game board, heal you, damage your enemy, and can be learned by defeating foes and completing quests.



  • Face off against over 45 characters and monsters w/ unique abilities!
  • Earn gold to purchase new weapons with unique stats and abilities.
  • Earn XP to level-up and improve your stats and magic power.
  • Cast spells to gain an advantage or aid your word-spelling ability.
  • Use items to heal yourself and win the battle!



  • 3 extra mini-games help you earn gold and experience!
  • Test your spelling speed in the Endurance Trial game.
  • Unlock chests by playing a word search-type game.  You never know what you'll find!
  • Collect or harvest items quickly to aid your fellow citizens and earn rewards!

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